Take the Pause… Or the Pause will be Taken for You!

I was just about to send out my ezine on Friday when I virus hit my computer. I sat at the repair shop fighting back tears when the gentleman showed me there were no longer any files on my laptop. My mind was working overtime trying to remember when my last full back-up was and how much wonderful content I’d created since then. A berating voice in me was screaming, “I told you to back up your computer more regularly… see what happens when you don’t listen to me?

I will say it again… take the pause or the pause will be taken for you (and you might not like how it looks!)

As a society, we seem to be operating in fast forward, running from activity to activity, eating quick meals and fitting in exercise and self care when or if there’s time. More than ever, people are screaming for a pause in life — a few precious moments to suspend time and just… B-R-E-A-T-H-E.
Do you feel that too?

A Pause Can Come in Many Forms

A day of rest, a vacation, a break from an activity, some alone time, or space from a certain person. It doesn’t need to cost money. It can last a few moments or a few months. Whatever it takes.
The truth is, many of us don’t know how to handle the emotions that come up when we allow a pause.

  • We get antsy. Shouldn’t we be doing something productive?
  • We judge the pause. What if something is wrong when I don’t hear from the person who said he/she needed time?
  • We get nervous. What if I take a vacation and miss out on an opportunity while I’m gone?

When in reality, pauses are necessary:

  • They create space so we can grab hold of the opportunity when it arrives.
  • They allow our minds to clear so we are laser focussed and productive.
  • They give us the rest we crave, so we can then knock it out of the park.
  • They allow for new ideas to take shape, so we become ultra creative.
  • They open us to playful energy and synchronicities, so life stays exciting!

I’m always amazed at the riches a pause can bring. (Yes, even this lastest one!) I always feel more energized, focussed and ready to get on my magic carpet again after a Paula Pause.

Try it. Insert more pauses in your day – as many as you need:

  • 10 seconds for an extra deep breath at a stop light or in a grocery line-up
  • 1 minute to stare away from your computer and rest your eyes
  • 5 minutes of quiet time in your office before you head home
  • 10 minutes to curl up with your favourite book
  • 15 minutes for a steaming hot bath (I get my best ideas in the tub!)
  • 20 minutes for stretches and quiet meditation before bed.
  • 1 hour to organize your home or office (including backing up your files!)
  • 1 day away from your business or life, to dream your next steps.

However long or short, make your pauses intentional. Hold them as sacred – like a delicate bubble — soon to disappear.

P.S. Want to know what happened to my laptop?

Well, after two days, they managed to pull my hard drive, run some clean-up processes and recover most of my files. I cried when I heard this. The funny thing was, I was beginning to imagine some freedom in re-creating my life and business with a fresh start. Hmmm… there is still another lesson to this ‘pause’ for me. Life is always our teacher.

Comments & Feedback:

  1. An excellent post filled with incredible suggestions to PAUSE…

    I hit the pause button last week. Taking moments of stillness to allow my soul to be still. This also freed up space in my heart, mind and spirit to create, be focused with determination and clarity.

    My meditation chair has become my new best friend.

    Thanks Paula.
    Hugs & Love Lee

  2. Robin Nicholas

    Thank you for this great message. I have been noticing the effects from my lack of pausing lately. You blog just confirmed what my mind knew! Thanks for bringing it to the forefront!
    hugs and love…

    • Heh Robin,
      Yes, our sage inner wisdom always knows our truth. Thank you for honouring that in you. It is amazing how we can get off, but also how quickly we can re-align once we become aware again!
      Hugs and love right back!

  3. Lee,
    Stillness is beautiful. Isn’t it? I too am inviting more stillness into my days. Whenever I need an instant blessing I go to my piano and sing a song I wrote called Stillness Speaks To Me. Haunting…

    Hmmm… I’m gonna do that right now.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Love and sparkling energy,

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