Spacious Day 28: Freedom List

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Today I began making a list, fondly named my Freedom List, to guide me in creating space long after this 30-day journey is over. It’s more than a to-do list, in fact, I think you can build your to-do list off this master List. Rather a Freedom List is meant to capture all these things undone or unfinished in your life — from the button that needs sewing, to the appointment that needs booking, to the closet that needs organizing, to the obligation that needs releasing, to the relationship that needs ending. View it as a snapshot of all that you are tolerating in your life. And so it can extend to people, jobs, projects and activities too.

When you first create this list, don’t be surprised if it is long. Most of us have a lot of things we are processing in our mind at any one time. Keep the list handy. As you go about the next week, add whatever shows up as another toleration or unfinished item. Be sure to mark down beside each item how long it will take to complete it.

Why is it called the Freedom List?
Because every element on this list is taxing you, weighing you down and stealing your energy. You are paying a price, whether you realize it or not. Your precious life force is being tied up in miniscule details, which in the big scheme of life, aren’t worth it.

As you address each item on the list, you gain a piece of your freedom back. You address the item by finishing it, discarding it or lovingly declaring it done. However you bring it to a close, you cut the energetic cord so that it no longer has power over you.

And then, you have more space and energy to direct as you choose — toward those things you are most passionate about. You free your creativity, your spirit, your body, and your mind to focus on what matters most to YOU.  ♥

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  1. Perfect timing once again! I will be doing a Freedom List this weekend. Much of it will be physical, as we prep to prep our house for sale. And, I looked in my (usually pretty organized) laundry room and started to twitch yesterday.

    Why, oh, why, can’t little boy pants last longer than 6 months without ripping in the knee? And me without sewing skills!

  2. Debbie, stay tuned for the leggings picture on Hanna’s Home! I know all about clothes that don’t last!!

    Twitching is allowed. It’s a form of release! :) (albeit strange for others to watch…)

    Have a great Monday Debbie!

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