Ready to Create Greater Success in your Business and Life?


Do you want to feel more:

– empowered with money
– confident communicating
– successful in business
– thriving in health and life?

Whatever your definition of wholistic success, it’s yours to create and live into abundantly — without apology, or worry of what others think.

I can help.

As a success coach and business strategist, I guide soulful women in business to create happy, healthy money flow without compromising their health or personal happiness.

From profit planning and designing delicious offers that sell, to empowering money mindsets and confident  communications, I equip women with the tools to build momentum and sustainable money flow in their business so they can truly thrive, all while nurturing themselves, their bodies and their soulful connection.

Sound Divine?

Then you’ll love what I have to offer. Here is your next step.

Money Flow Monday Emails

money flowWant f-r-e-e weekly email tips that foster the mindset and momentum to create greater money flow?

If you are a soulful coach, trainer, speaker, healer, wellness practitioner or other transformational business, embracing money is an essential part of your entrepreneurial journey. Let me help.

Each week, I’ll deliver a mindset or momentum tip to your inbox that cuts through confusion and overwhelm and has you turning toward money in a way that feels nourishing.

From practical steps to profound mindsets, I’ll set you up to succeed — one do-able step at a time.

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Recent Success Story:

“I feel as though my mind has exploded and everything I believed about money has been turned upside down…in a phenomenal way. To find out which sacred money archetype I was, and that it doesn’t mean I’m a total screw up around money, was completely freeing. And to see how my spouse and I each bring different things to the table is going to fundamentally change my marriage for the good.

I went into the workshop looking for some guidance on boundaries and attracting the right clients for my business. What I walked away with was so much more. How I see money, and its place in the world shifted, and the epiphanies keep coming to me. Thank you Paula for sharing your insight, knowledge and stories. xo”

Angela Marie,
Holistic Healing