Choose a Theme for 2012 to Inspire Success

If you read my last post 12 Questions to Kick-Start a Transformative 2012, you know that I’m all about fun tools that move you forward in creating your ideal life. One tool that has beeen so effective for me is coming up with a Word of the Year.

I wrote about it last year, inspired by Ali Edwards, who makes beautiful jewelry that highlight your word of the year.  My challenge was I had so many words I couldn’t choose just one. Sparkle had to be in there. It’s the word of my lifetime! But other words resonated too.  So I had my top 5 made into a bracelet. As I reflect on all of them, I really lived these.

I’ve been so excited to hear friends and colleagues choosing new words for 2012: blossom, abundance, unstoppable, fearless, release, space, centre, balance, light, inspire, peace, compassion, self-love. Such juicy concepts!

For 2012, I’ve decided to create a theme, represented by a phrase.

This gives me some wiggle room to have a few words. I’m giving myself this first week to fully decide. Here are some of my top runners:

1. Live Your Sparkle
2. Just Watch Me!
3. Do It Scared and Imperfect
4. Release with Love
5. Authentically Me!
6. Wellness that Rocks
7. Love My Life
8. All in, EXCITED and ALIVE
9. Rich, Juicy Living
10. Be Unstoppable. Make it Fun!

(Any favourites?)

I invite you to join along. You could pick a single word or a phrase. 

The key is to pick words that awaken something in you and support your goals and ideal life.

For example, if you pick fearless, that might inspire you to book that solo trip you’ve been dreaming of or leave a relationship that is toxic.  If you pick balance, that might inspire you to stop working through your lunches and grab a yoga class instead. If you pick self-love, that might inspire you to speak kinder words to yourself as you gaze in the mirror.

Don’t overthink. Just pick something and use it for as long as it resonates. If March comes and there is a new word that lands on your lap, perfect! Run with that. Trust your sage wisdom to know what’s right for you.

Can a single word or phrase change your life?

It can if you align your thoughts, beliefs and actions with it.

Have some fun. Dream away. And be sure to share your chosen word(s). I’ll do the same in a few days!

Love and sparkling energy,

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  1. Kristin

    I’m so with you that a word can really shape your year. Last year’s word for me was “Balance” and it was very present throughout the year. I had not always the perfect balance but I was much more aware of things that were not in tune with me.

    This year is all about “Happiness”. Life is fun and I want to enjoy it :-)

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