March Wellness Goal: Complete What’s Bothering You

Let me ask you something… Ever have times in your life where a bunch of things are bothering you? I call them nigglies. Individually they seem insignificant, but piled up, they can create huge overwhelm. They can even make you irritable!

Nigglies are things left incomplete in our lives. The longer they are left, the more they steal our energy.

So our March wellness goal is mastering the Art of Completion. Your goal is to walk through your life and notice what’s incomplete, what’s nagging you, what you’re tolerating, what’s draining you and then slowly, one by one, bring them to completion.

Here are some classic nigglies. See if you can relate:

  • A family member makes a comment that’s just not sitting right with you.
  • You are wasting time finding important pieces of paper that you swear you put in a ‘special spot’.
  • Your last encounter with a co-worker didn’t go so well, and now you find yourself avoiding them.
  • Your car really does look like someone lives in it, especially the backseat.
  • A birthday or wedding gift you bought is long overdue and now you are too embarrassed to give it.
  • Your spirits always seem lower after meeting up with this one friend.
  • Your closet is maxed with clothes, yet you don’t have ‘anything’ to wear.
  • Your computer is slow lately and really needs a proper back-up.

We could spend the whole month on physical clutter. But for now, let’s shine light on ANYTHING that feels incomplete.

Why is finishing stuff so important?
Because anything that is not complete in your life has a piece of your energy. And let’s face it, we only have so much energy… how will you spend yours?

And yes, It’s more fun to start something new then clean up the old.
I love the feeling of newness. But wouldn’t it feel great to have space for that new thing? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to give that new thing focus instead of scattered attention?

“But, I don’t know where to start. I have so many things to finish.”

I hear you. And for me, it really came to a head after Christmas when I fully admitted just how many incompletes I had and how it was affecting my life – both my happiness and my energy. I can tell you this much, just one month later, after giving this daily attention, I feel much lighter and freer. And I know you will too. That’s why I want you to join me.

Here’s my advice. Keep it simple.

Pick one thing every day to complete. At the start, it really doesn’t matter what you pick. Go for the easy wins. Choose something that takes 5 or 10 minutes max. Momentum is what we’re after. As you master easy wins, then go about the rest of this journey in one of two ways:

Option #1: Make a Freedom List

1. Make a list of everything that’s bothering you. Get all the nigglies on paper and outside of yourself. Trust me, just making the list frees energy.

2. Categories the items you’ve listed. For example:
Appointments to Make
Errands to Run
Things to Fix
Spaces to De-clutter
Relationships to Address, etc.

3. Break big tasks down. Write down the amount of time it will take to complete each item. Usually, it’s a fraction of what we’ve already invested in ruminating about it.

4. Each day, pick one thing on the list to complete. Batch a few items together (like errands) and feel great satisfaction!

Warning: The list usually grows bigger before it gets smaller because you become aware of all the things you want to free from your life. This is a good sign.

Option #1 is GREAT if:

  • You are Type A and love your to-do lists.
  • You know you need/want structure to thrive.
  • You want to get a handle on your life and feel more in control.

Option #2: Partner with the Universe

Instead of making a list, try something magical. Wake up every morning and ask… what needs to be completed in my life today? Then go about your day being highly attentive.

The Universe will bring you something. I promise. For example, the person whose wedding gift is sitting in your closet will phone you out of the blue. And you’ll think “Perfect! I’m going to meet with her and finally share that gift.”

Or you’ll walk down the hall and see that person you’ve been avoiding dash into their office, and you’ll think, “Enough… I need to resolve this.”

Or you’ll get off the phone feeling numb or discouraged with that fading relationship and conclude, “Wow… it’s time to end this. I’m ready.”

Because you are attuned to the Universe bringing you opportunities, they become so easy to spot. And somehow they become easier to act on because you begin trusting that the Universe is truly handing you things you are ready to release.

Option #2 is GREAT if:

  • You struggle with structure and want to play more.
  • You want to strengthen your awareness and internal sage guide.
  • You want to trust in something greater than yourself (whatever you call it).
  • You want to watch the magic unfold in your life versus feeling like you’re forcing things to happen.

Both approaches are powerful and get you results!

Choose the one that resonates and will get you into action. Or use a combination of the two. That is what I’ve been doing with great success.

Are you in? Send me a quick email and let me know which approach you are using and what happens as you free these pockets of energy. It’s amazing!

To Your Sparkling Life,

Comments & Feedback:

  1. Great Stuff Paula – love your blog and your awareness. Woke up this morning, with a list of “things” to be done, but ended up doing something not on the list…. cleaned the freezer and it looks FABULOUS and feels so good. The list can wait…

    • Heh Cindy! Thanks for sharing. I agree. I think there is a time for the list and a time to follow our energy. I love the balance between the two. It keeps life fun and flowing — and very gratifying. Thanks for your wonderful feedback on my blog. I sure do love helping women shift from struggle to sparkle in their lives!

      Enjoy that sparkling freezer. I bet the food will taste better!


  2. Kristin

    I love this month’s theme of completion! It fits nicely with my own goal for March to finish some things and release others.

    First I thought it’s mostly about physical cleansing like freeing up space and releasing things that no longer serve me. Well, I came down with the flu for ten days. That happened last in high school. Those ten days I was forced to be quiet and listen to my body. I discovered a whole new world of incompletes that drained my energy.

    Thank you for your constant inspiration, Paula! Your reflection on completion inspired me to look deeper and tackle bigger issues.

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