February Wellness Goal: Create Your Book of Awesome

Have you caught a glimpse of a book called “Book of Awesome”? Each time I see it as I’m cruising through my favourite bookstore, something shifts in me. Life feels a little more awesome. So I thought to myself, Why don’t I start my own Book of Awesome?

That’s our Wellness Goal for February – Your Own Book of Awesome!

Call it wellness for the heart. Buy yourself a notebook, journal, scrapbook or anything you care to record your awesomeness in. It can be big or small but I’d suggest something you can carry around with you.

Then, throughout February, at least once a day, write down:

1) What’s awesome about you; or
2) What’s awesome about your life; or
3) What’s awesome about the world you live in.

Capture awesome moments, pictures, saying, songs, synchronicities and encounters. And if the word “Awesome” doesn’t do anything for you, pick another word that does.

Whatever we decide to gather evidence for, we shall find… and grow.

So how about it? Let’s look for awesomeness ok? It’s all around you. You just have to notice it.

Invite your children, spouse or friend to join along. I can’t wait to see Hanna’s Book of Awesome! And I’ll be sharing bits of my Book of Awesome on Facebook and this blog throughout the month.

Oh, and let the creativity flow. When I announced this to my ezine subscribers last week, a few of them ran out to buy art supplies complete with paints, crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, fabric and a glue gun. Talk about awesome!

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photo credit © Steve Took It

Comments & Feedback:

  1. Dearest Paula,

    I love love love this idea of creating my very own Book of Awesome. What a fabulous idea… As soon as I saw your e-zine my heart filled with joy and possibility at recognizing and capturing my own book of awesome.

    Thanks so much
    Hugs & Love
    Lee xoxox

  2. Lee, I’m so thrilled you love it. Your singing text was part of yesterday’s Awesomeness! Get your girls to participate too. It makes the home so awesome as well.

    Love and Hugs,

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