AM Bliss Day 8: Change One Thing

Everything is connected to everything else. Change one thing and watch the ripple effect transform your life.

I’ve made one big change that is changing everything else. I’m going to sleep earlier. I’m unplugging from TV, internet and my cell phone earlier in the night in order to unwind properly before bed. As a result, I’m waking up earlier and more refreshed. This sets me up for an energized morning in which to bask in my AM Bliss routine, which then sets me up for a brilliant day, which then sees me appropriately tired and ready to go to sleep at night.

See how simple and natural this all is? Everything is connected.

Why do we look for solutions that are way more sophisticated and seemingly ‘profound’ when the simple (obvious) ideas are the most powerful, useful and easiest to implement?

Honouring my need for sleep is such an act of self love. It is also a gift to all those with whom I interact because I am refreshed and willing to give of myself fully instead of irritable and drained due to poor sleep. We owe it to ourselves, our family, our friends and our co-workers to get the rest we need. So I’ve added sleep to my AM Bliss Routine as it is the precursor to a wonderful morning.

We all know sleep is important, but are you honouring this need? Check in with your body and be willing to benefit from changing your sleep habits.

P.S. A fatigued body can’t sparkle. And the world craves your sparkle!

Happy International Woman’s Day!

Love Paula

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  1. Thanks so much for the article Kristin. Yes, I’m embracing the need for stronger boundaries more now than ever before. The creative artist in me resists the boundaries. The smart business woman in me knows they are critical for success. Somewhere in the middle we dance! Much love, Paula

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