12 Questions to Kick-Start a Transformative 2012


It’s all around you… talk of New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting and ads for gym memberships and weight loss programs. If you are like me, you are still just catching your breath from Christmas hustle and bustle. Or maybe you are still in holiday mode. That’s awesome. Enjoy every moment!

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions about five years ago. They seem to be all hype with no lasting sparkle. Yet I’m a huge fan of pausing to reflect, re-align and set some powerful intentions that fuel excitement. That’s how we move from being reactive to being creative in our lives.

(Notice that reactive and creative have the exact same letters yet deliver very different outcomes!)

Here are 12 insightful questions to kick-start a transformative 2012.

Grab a piece of paper or your journal and a quiet few moments to author your answers. Be sure to share your answers for a chance to win a 30-minute coaching session with me. See details below!

1. What were the top three highlights of 2011 and why?
Perhaps it was a trip, an accomplishment or just an exciting moment that shines above the rest.

2. What’s working in your life right now?
It’s so easy to focus on the negative, yet there’s so much good all around you.  So what’s working right now?

3. What was your greatest lesson in 2011?
With every disappointment or hurt, comes a lesson. What was yours?

4. Who do you want to be in 2012?
HINT: If two friends were talking about you and you were the fly on the wall, what roles, qualities and personality traits would you be thrilled to have them say about you?

Oh that <insert your name>, she is so ________.

5. If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be and why?
Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Just imagine what else would magically fall into place if you gave the time and attention to change this one thing.

6. What do you keep making excuses for and why?
This could be the same as #5 or different. What we make excuses for is something we really want to look at because there’s usually a huge limiting belief tied to those excuses. And once the belief is identified and replaced with a more empowering belief… look out!

7. What activity would you like to do more of in 2012? Less of? Stop?
It’s all about choice. And ideally, your weekly calendar reflects your passions.

8. Who are the people you want to spend more time with? Less time?
You can name specific people or just the characteristics in new people you want to attract more of (e.g. fun, honest, adventuresome)

9. What would you like to be different about your life by this time next year?
That is, what is the one thing that you would be ecstatic to have mastered or made major progress on?

10. What are you prepared to do about it?
This is where rubber meets the road. Knowing our desires, talking about them, and even saying pretty affirmations doesn’t manifest them without inspired action. So, what are you prepared to do to make change that sticks? Develop a plan? Carve out time each day to take action? Clear space in your home for that passion? Sign up for that class? For now, just identify the first step.

11. What are your greatest gifts and strengths?
Yes, you are a rock star in your life. What makes you so amazing? P.S. if you can’t answer this, ask your favourite friends. They can shower you with answers.

12. How can you use your strengths to help with the change in #10?
If you are a great planner, develop a fantastic plan. But don’t stop there. Then get a coach or accountability partner to help you on the follow through.  That is, play to your strengths and find others to help with things that aren’t your natural ability.

What do you need to believe about yourself in order for that change to be yours? Mindset is a huge part of the game of life. HUGE!

I’d love to hear your responses.

Share your answers to five of the above questions in the comments below.  I’ll pick two lucky winners on January 4th to get a complimentary 30-minute coaching session with me!

Give yourself the gift of honest reflection. Truth opens doors to transformation. Action moves us through them. And belief? Well, belief gives us wings to fly!

Have an amazing start to the New Year!

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Comments & Feedback:

  1. Here are my short-form answers to the above questions. I’ve captured a more expanded version in my journal. It feels good to put ideas into words and get them outside of ourselves. It makes things real.

    #1 Highlights of my year: going to Maui in the spring 2011, being featured as a business success at Christine Kane’s live event; that feeling of just believing in myself; watching Hanna grow :)

    #2 What’s working right now: my work and ideal clients, my family life, my home, my friends and supporters

    #3 Greatest lesson: Mindset dictates my destiny and “do it scared” when building your dreams is truly the new black!

    #4 Who do I want to be? Confident, inspiring, beautiful, purposeful, peaceful, productive, sexy, fit, sparkling

    #5 One thing I’d change? My felt need to do things perfect. It limits me and has squashed certain dreams. Also being even more productive with my time and ensuring my schedule is filled with activities and work that excite me.

    #6 Excuses? The clutter in my home office. I’ve been talking about getting it completely organized for way too long.

    #7 Activities I want to do more of? More singing, more fitness, more centering, more family fun; more time prepping healthy and raw foods, more time with close friends

    #8 Spend time with people who inspire, cheer me on to reach new heights, adore me and make me giggle

    #9 What I want to achieve by Dec 30, 2012: Expanded business success; completely debt free; in great physical shape; one fabulous song written and recorded

    #10 Actions to support: Build the plan, work the plan — join structured fitness class, set monthly and quarterly business goals, work with mentors, coaches and my fabulous accountability partner to keep me on track, allocate time to singing each week, take priority action steps everyday on my goals

    #11 Strengths: creativity, writing, intuition, coaching, voice of an angel, sparkle, idea-generator, ability to get centred, determined visionary, healthy habits

    #12 Build strong daily practise that fuels creativity, intuition and centering; build a team to support my success, keep sharing my wisdom through words and song in fun and creative ways, connect with my BIG JUICY VISION, live a wellness lifestyle

    BONUS: I believe that I am a powerful, creative woman worthy of a sparkling abundant, joy-filled life. I believe that my gifts are highly valuable and that I’ll always attract the perfect clients whom I can help achieve amazing results! I believe that wellness is my natural state and synchronicities and miracles are present everyday for the choosing.

    I’d love to hear your answers! Comment below or send privately through my contact form: http://www.paulaonysko.com/contact

  2. Kristin

    5 journal pages full of dreams and intentions – what a perfect way to kick start the new year! Love your responses, Paula, and can feel the energy radiating from you :-)

    A few of my responses:
    #1 Highlights: Vacation on Vancouver Island with lots of time in nature, close to the ocean, small communities, a feeling of being free; trip to Orcas Island; working on a new project that opened my eyes to what I can do, what I want to do and what else is out there

    #2 What’s working: loving and supportive husband, my home, healthy lifestyle, close friends that make me laugh and cheer me on

    #3 Greatest lesson: Love is the answer.

    #4 Ideal me: athletic, healthy, centered, confident, loving, fun, creative, playful, purposeful, balanced.

    #5 Change on thing: Let my athletic self play out loud.

    #7 Activities: more travel, more learning, more fitness, more time with friends in real life; less computer time

    Have a sparkling new year!

  3. Awesome answers Kristin! I love your ideal YOU! Thanks for sharing. What we voice, we step toward. What we step toward, we attract! The life we seek is seeking us.

    Lots of love, Paula

    P.S. Yes, it can be this easy! :)

  4. Lisa

    I’m so thankful for this Paula! I would normally not take the time to write out the answers but leave them in my head for future reference. My intuition however, told me I needed to. It has made me see that why I was feeling lost and wasn’t 100% sure why.

    #1 Highlights of my year: The break up of an unhealthy relationship which allowed me to find my inner strength. A vacation to Hawaii for two weeks with amazing friends who completely rejuvenated me. Starting a new and passion filled business within 3 weeks.

    #2 What’s working right now? My social circle, my freedom, my new health plan.

    #3 Greatest lesson: Never lose myself in efforts to help others.

    #4 Who do you want be in 2012? In a loving relationship, living in the present, financially successful, confident, fearless.

    #5 One thing I’d change? I would love to find a partner to share my life with which in turn will allow me to learn more things about myself.

    #6 Excuses? Social media, Facebook, emailing, surfing. I talk about not spending less time on the computer but never do.

    #7 Activities I want to do more of? I would like to exercise more, create more products, get wrapped up in love, philanthropy, travel

    8# Who are the people you want to spend more time with? Ones who fill my soul, who are positive who can further me spiritually, who keep me young and laughing!

    #9 What I want to achieve by Dec 30, 2012? Have a steady income. Love me fully which in turn would attract the perfect love with a future partner.

    #10 Actions to support: Create a social media and painting schedule. Love me for who I am. Create an amazing profile on an online dating site. 1-2 dates per week.

    #11 Gifts/Strengths: Creativity in all forms, left and right brained, organized, the ability to channel, intuition.

    #12 How can these gifts be used? Create a daily painting/social media schedule, sketch and journal in my abundance of free time. Listen to my intuition more than my left and right brain.

    BONUS: I believe that I am deserving of anything I ask for.

    • Beautiful Lisa! Let’s declare these intentions as already taking form. Some very fortunate HOT man is walking toward your life as we speak. XO

  5. Paula,

    You and your radiant energy through your presence and written word do totally sparkle!

    Thank you for this chance to respond (and for a prize, to boot.)

    1. Highlights: Participating in Christine Kane’s Gold Mastermind, finding my voice, writing a beautiful e-book and getting my website up, and having a direct visit from the All.

    2. Working in my life now: My health and fitness habits, my beautiful relationship with Ben, the man who came into my life as a gift after my separation, and my energy for my vision.

    3. My greatest lesson: That everything and everyone is connected.

    5. If I could change one thing: I’d have more focused energy to accomplish more in my work days.

    9. What would I like to be different: I’d like my ebook and message to have reached hundreds and hundreds of people.

    Thank you, Paula!


    • Beautiful Joy! Thanks for your warm words regarding my sparkle and for your answers. Brilliant and all very do-able. What’s your next step in sharing your e-book and focussing your work day? Here’s to a sparkling 2012!
      Hugs, Paula

      P.S. And yes, we are so connected, even to strangers. I often say that strangers are merely kindred spirits whose physical appearance our mind does not yet recognize.

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